The Ohio Organization of Paranormal Studies (OOPS) was founded in late 2005 near Wilmington, Ohio.  Since then, we have investigated different types of paranormal activity in a variety of surroundings and locations.  While we primarily concentrate on places in Ohio, we have gone as far west as Yuma Arizona and as far south as Atkins, Virginia.









OOPS primary goal is to either validate reported paranormal activity with empirical data or establish a reasonable alternative explanation.  We do not perform house cleansings or drive out spirits; we investigate and report.  Keep in mind that our investigation is a "snap-shot" of a period of time and any conclusion is based solely on this "snap-shot".  Our services are provided at no cost to the client and, if desired, the investigation location is kept completely confidential.

The second goal of our organization is to help our community overcome the disastrous job losses and the continuing high unemployment suffered here.   We aid in that effort by helping local small businesses attract people to Wilmington to boost the local economy.

The downtown Wilmington 200 Years of Whispers Tour, Effie's Place Paranormal Academy, and the Holidazzle Parade, are ways we contribute to improving our community.  We also do volunteer work for the Wilmington Public Library and Sugar Grove Cemetery in Wilmington.

We believe:  Ouija boards are bad.  Would you walk alone through the absolute worst part of town at 3 am, with fifty dollar bills hanging out of your pockets, yelling "Is there any body out there?"  Think about it.

We believe:  Provoking and confrontational behavior is bad; the "Golden Rule" applies.

We also can be reached on facebook.

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.  Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." - Sherlock Holmes


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